December 9, 2022

WWE Immortals is an amazing action-packed Android game for all the WWE fans out there. Designed by the creators of Mortal Kombat and Injustice: Gods Among Us, this game features a re-imagined fantasy world of WWE with magical powers and super-human abilities and this time, it is not just about plain wrestling. Here is what there is to know about WWE Immortals APK.

WWE Immortals APK Features

The basic idea of the game is to have the player create a team of three superstars, picked from the WWE roster and make them fight against similar teams. The best thing about this game is that the WWE stars are not humans, they are superheroes, having great powers and hero-based costumes.  The game begins with a short cinematic that explains the story line and lets the player have some insight into the plethora of unique locations to be explored and characters to be picked. The characters featured in this game are exceptional in resembling the real-life superstars which add a reality dimension to the game.

The combats are similar to those in other fight games. Once the player selects the star to play with from the 3 available, they can perform move by tapping on the enemy, swiping in various directions to attack, grapple or block. Swipe and tap combos unleash special deadly powers of you character. The things are made more interesting with the use of power-ups which get loaded as you play through the matches. There are several special attacks too which are quite similar to the actual special moves of the WWE stars. As you build you set of characters, you have the options of increasing their level of powers and skills.

WWE Immortals APK Download

Other aspect of this game that makes it amazing is the graphics part. this game features best-in-class graphics with custom animations which are unique for every WWE superstar. The matches are tailored to the alter-ego of the chosen WWE superstar and are rendered completely in 3D. moreover, there is a multi-player option also using which you can combat against real players from around the world, experience in-game events similar to the WWE and ear great rewards too.

This game can be downloaded for you Android device by clicking on the link that has been provided below.

So download this game and unleash the devastating powers of your favorite WWE superstars and live the pain and fight in the face-offs with magical powers of your character. We hope that you like this post. Please like us on Facebook if you wish to keep yourself updated with tech posts similar to this.

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