With Erica’s modular synth, you may create music by using pre-programmed cards to create new sounds

When it comes to creativity and sound, modular synthesisers are unmatched. No, it’s not so easy to use for live performances and other situations when you need to interchange sounds frequently, which means you’ll need a lot of patch connections. The simple answer, as proposed by Erica Synths, is to write everything down on a card. Just put in the “voice cards” and you’re ready to go with the new Pico System III. The kit comes with five pre-configured cards, but if you’re handy with a soldering iron, you can also make five more.

With 31 inputs, 20 outputs, and seven switches, the system can be configured in a variety of ways. A sequencer, two VCOs, multiple mixers, a modulator, two ASR envelope generators, a lowpass gate, and a BBD delay are all included. Both the PC version (seen above) and the Eurorack module are available for purchase.

The Pico System III may be pre-ordered for €400 ($441) for the Eurorack version and €450 ($496) for the desktop version, which will be released on October 1. With a price tag much above the $200 we paid for the Korg Volca, it’s clear this isn’t an affordable alternative. If you want to carry a modular synth to a concert, it’s a reasonable price for a decent modular synth.


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