December 2, 2022

Old School RuneScape is an MMORPG (massively-multiplayer online role-playing game) that was developed as well as published by Jagex. This game was released on 22nd February 2013. When this game was launched then it was an August 2007 construction of RuneScape. Nonetheless, since then, it has managed to receive new content, engine improvements, and also the quality of life apprises that have been decided by the in-game polls.


Though this game has a small development team besides a slower update schedule, it has got a huge player-base in comparison to RuneScape. The mobile version for iOS and Android got released in the year 2018. Lots of people look forward to OldSchool RuneScape accounts for sale.The good thing is you can buy an account easily and fast. When you log into the reputed sites you will across many payment methods.

The spin-offs and other versions of RuneScape

Many players wished to experience RuneScape only in its old beauty days and that too without the utilization of a private server and this is the reason Jagex formed what is called Old School RuneScape. This turns the time machine on and allows players to enjoy the old 2007 version of this game. Additionally, Jagex has included more components to it, thus, permitted the players to dictate what leaves and enters the game.

The least played form of RuneScape is RuneScape Classic and this version is considered one of the earliest phases of the game. Using 2-dimensional graphics, this game is hardly recognizable. Though some players continue to enjoy this version, a person hardly accesses it.

The exclusive features

Old School is a game that anyone can enjoy and play for free. Many players have been playing it for nearly two decades and they didn’t even bother to pay for membership. However, when you opt for membership then you can unlock some more thrilling and fun content. Members can enjoy access to things like:

  • Access to the whole game world map
  • Eight additional skills that include Thieving, Slayer, and Farming.
  • Extra options for navigation.
  • Dozens of high-class mini-games.
  • More than 120 extra quests.
  • Access to exclusive and potent components.

Players can pay with bonds for membership and they are either earned or purchased in-game. Membership gets shared all across RuneScape and Old School RuneScape.

Players can relive the challenging leveling systems of this game. They can play with countless other players and here, the community does control the development process. These features have turned this game to be mind-blowing and extraordinary.

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