Twitter will allegedly provide its complete data stream to Elon Musk

Elon Musk’s desire for additional data about Twitter users might be met as soon as this week. The firm wants to offer the billionaire complete access to its “firehose,” an internal database that includes details on the more than 500 million tweets made to the site every day, according to The Washington Post.

The database contains device data and information about the accounts that use the site, in addition to providing a real-time record of what’s going on on Twitter at any given time.

Musk’s $44 billion takeover offer was approved by Twitter in April, but the billionaire declared in May that the purchase was “temporarily on hold” due to worries about fraudulent accounts. Twitter has always stated that bots make up fewer than 5% of its daily users, a figure Musk wants to double-check before proceeding with the acquisition.

Musk charged the firm with a “material violation” of the merger agreement on Monday, alleging that the corporation refused to give enough information concerning phoney accounts.

Twitter stated at the time that it would “continue to cooperatively exchange information” with Musk as it attempted to close the deal. “We think this deal is in the best interests of all shareholders,” the business said in a statement to The Washington Post, echoing its Monday statement. “At the agreed price and parameters, we expect to finalise the deal and enforce the merger agreement.”

Musk is interested in the amount of bots and phoney accounts on Twitter because it will have a substantial influence on his capacity to monetise the network through advertising. Musk has pledged $33 billion of his personal money to purchase Twitter, and he is obligated to complete the transaction unless he can establish that Twitter deceived him or that its worth has changed.


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