Top 5 Android Messengers 2015

Calling has long been replaced by messaging for it conveys what one wants to say without utilizing much time or money and hence there have been many messaging apps or messengers popping every now and then in the market competing fiercely with each other. However, there are some messengers that outsmart the others in terms of their interface and efficiency. Here are the top 5 Android Messengers that you can download on your smartphones.

Top 5 Android Messengers 2015

Going by the data, one in every three persons is a WhatsApp user and that are a lot of people (around 2 billion) and deservedly so. WhatsApp’s popularity lies in the fact that it provides superfast messaging service with utmost care given to the user’s privacy. It shares different types of data including videos, music or audio files, location, contacts, images and of course texts. All the stuff one shares is stored in their device’s memory card and so there is no chance of data leakage. Moreover, it now has an online calling feature too which gives good voice quality.

Facebook Messenger

This messenger is very popular and truly amazing and because there are billions of Facebook users around the world, it has many users too. The basic aim behind this messenger was to provide easy chatting options to the Facebook users without having the Facebook Application. It has a bubble pop up that appears on the screen of your device and lets you chat with others by running in the background. It contains big stickers to make chats more interesting.


Viber is a free calling and chatting service app. It has a really good calling experience with superb clarity. The chatting options feature many stickers and emoticons that convey nearly all sorts of emotions and reactions and for this reason, it is just second to WhatsApp in terms of number of users. The interface of this app is also quite good and all these things have made it enormously popular.


This messenger offers chatting experience similar to that of WhatsApp with great stickers. It has been developed in India and offers a hundred SMSs free of cost to any number registered in India along with free balance to invite your friends to join Hike. It lets the user share any type of data like music, videos, pictures or audio clips up to 100 MB.


This app is gaining momentum and the reason for this is that it has a light yet very attractive interface and is loaded with features like video and voice calling and instant messaging service. It lets the user share any media, recorded audio messages and features group chats, wide variety of stickers and a timeline option too.

All these messengers have turned nearly all of their users into fans. These apps give you everything that you desire from chatting to sharing media files to large number of emoticons and stickers. The best thing is that these services charge a very nominal fee and in most cases are completely free. So these were the top 5 Android messengers 2015 that you can download for free on your smartphones in order to connect to your family and friends more quickly.

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