Top 10 Best Android Live Wallpapers 2014 – Free Download

Live wallpapers are the best way to make your home-screen look more alive and beautiful. The static background wallpapers may be preferred more by android users for their less battery drain but at the present time with many power efficiency options available in phones these live wallpapers are once again in the play. Many live wallpapers are present today and some are definitely very eye-catching and incredibly lush.

Top 10 Best Android Live Wallpapers

So given below are the Top 10 best android live wallpapers that you must have on your Android Smartpphone:


The Nexus Triangles, the three-point shapes lavish its simplicity and deceitful nature. The animations are very subtle but the number of colors available using the built-in colour palette is the thing that gives this live wallpaper its so high potential.

Download from here.


Paperland is a very clever work for live wallpapers as its adorable paper cut-outs and the four themes available in it makes it so cute and aesthetic. Its other feature of allowing the rise of sun and moon according to real-life parameters makes it even more catchy.

Download from here.


Sunbeam is very vivid and lively wallpaper showing different patterns formed by the large bubbles and light particles. The movement of particles is so smooth and fluidic that it does not slow down phone and give it a very simple yet pleasing look.

Download from here.

4. KOI

This is very beautiful free live wallpaper available in google play having lots of beautiful fishes and backgrounds. The 3D rendering quality is excellent of this wallpaper and it also supports both landscape and portrait mode. Its feature to feed the fish by double tapping screen is great fun.

Download from here.


It is new wallpaper in Google market and in a short time has gained much popularity among android users. The wallpaper features boats traveling up and down the river with mountains in background. The use of parallax effect makes it so interesting to watch.

Download from here.


The live wallpaper Droid DNA looks like a network of honeycomb in different colors with floating particles on it and the water droplet feature that shows ripple effects. Different color choices available make it so vivid and clear from distractions.

Download from here.


The wallpaper offers different colored beams of lights flowing majestically on the screen accompanied by the hovering small particles. The design of wallpaper is very bright and animation very smooth.

Download from here.


This live wallpaper fills the entire screen with many different grids of tiles of varying shapes and colors. The shapes vary from circles, squares and hexagons as chosen by the user and different animated effects as well.

Download from here.


This live wallpaper has an excellent artwork and so artistic flares that no one can ignore looking at. Screen is covered with colored clouds, cosmos and the steam-punked airship whose elevation, size and speed can be changed with just moving your fingers on it.

Download from here.

10. GALAXY S3/S4

This so popular and without doubt one of the best live wallpapers present in google market, with its drifting seeds fluttering in the front of a large dandelion in the background looks just perfect on any phone’s home-screen. Available for free this one is a must have live wallpaper.

Download from here.

So there were the top 10 best android live wallpapers that you should have at your homescreen to enhance its looks. Thank you for reading this post. You can subscribe to our blog and can follow us on various social networking sites in order to recieve regular tech updates similar to this.

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