December 9, 2022
Pixel 6A
You can root your device or install custom ROMs.

Android Police says that just days after the Pixel 6A came out, Google is sending out an update to fix a bug that stopped users from unlocking the bootloader and making mods. The change is part of the first update for the Pixel 6A, which Google just started sending out last week.

In short, a bootloader is a piece of software that loads the operating system (OS) on a device when it is turned on. Rooting is the process of getting full control over your Android OS by gaining access to the bootloader. It also lets you install ROMs, which are modified versions of Android. Some phone companies and carriers won’t let you unlock the bootloader of your device, but Google is different. It lets you get started right away with Pixels that aren’t tied to a specific carrier. These devices are also called “unlocked,” which is a bit confusing.

Last week, Android Police heard from several Pixel 6A users who were disappointed that they couldn’t access the bootloader. They later confirmed the problem on their own Pixel 6A review unit. A Google representative told Android Police that the latest Pixel 6A update includes a fix, even though the patch notes don’t say so.

Google says that the update will keep spreading over the next week, “depending on carrier networks.” So if you’ve been looking forward to modding your new Pixel 6A, you shouldn’t have to wait too long.

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