Tekken Card Tournament APK Free Download for Android

Enter the brutal and tactical beatemup world of Tekken with this android game like never before. Tekken Card Tournament is the new beatemup CCG with real-time fighting duels and strategic, tactical combo battles. Join the large network of around 8 million players from all over the world in this beatemup CCG Tekken game. The game features stunning 3D visuals with electrifying and adrenaline pumping card based battles that are loaded with extreme characters and their killer moves with satisfying depths.

You can play Tekken Card Tournament online in the real-time with all strategies and tactics you need to win the battles. The competition won’t be easy for sure as you will be facing players coming from all over the globe, but again who likes easy?

Tekken Card Tournament Game Features
Battle in duels with the players from all over the globe and with game experience much greater than yours in some cases.
High quality and the liquid smooth 3D visuals makes it a visual treat in the Tekken world.
Take up 50 unique challenges to test your tactical judgement and your skills.
Train in solo play until you feel confident to play against the players from all over the globe.
Tag Deck doubles the action in game with a second character. So if one is not enough then fight two against two with Tag.
Collect the best fighting cards and create your own ultimate fighting deck that will feature some of the best and most fearsome Tekken fighters and take on the world with it.
Use the fusion system to create and collect new and unique cards.
Online gameplay is very fast and the three fighting combos, Focus, strike and Block must be always on your fingertips. During every turn the player choose whether to draw a new card form the deck, or launch an attack with their cards or try to block. So think fast and clever.
The game is all about strategies and tactics and you must understand what your opponent is doing with their deck. Winning will require composure, intuition and bluffing.
Challenge the best fighters and win bouts to uncover all the cards.
Collect all the 190 and more Tekken Card Tournament game cards to emerge the ultimate winner.

Tekken Card Tournament APK Download
You can get this interesting game on Google Play Store for free. However, in case you want to download the apk file on your device, you can do it from the link that has been provided below.

New Features in Tekken Card Tournament Latest APK
New character Jin joins fight and he transforms into Devil Jin with the special cards.
New tag feature made available with up to 9 cards to support the character deck.
80+ new achievement system to unlock.
New booster packs and new offers available in the shop for the in-app purchases.
New card fusion system introduced. In this system you can merge different cards to create one particular card.

So do you have what it takes to beat all of the players worldwide? If yes then get the game, battle with the toughest competition out there and show the world who is the real and the most fearsome Tekken fighter. Thank you for reading this post. You can subscribe to our blog and could also follow us on various social networking platform in order to receive regular tech updates similar to this.

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