Share It APK Free Download for Android

We all know the fact that sharing files over smartphones using Bluetooth is a very tiring task. Sometimes it is the only way to share huge important files and might take even several minutes to complete. In addition to that, many people face problem while sharing files from an Android smartphone to an iPhone. However, in order to overcome these problems, Lenovo has come up with a new application called “Share it”, that allows you to transfer files really fast and even between an iPhone, Windows phone, Mac OS and Android smartphones.

Share it APK Features

Share it allows the user to share folders as well as files to entire groups. It is a part of the new Lenovo’s DoIT apps which also contains other useful applications like-

SECUREIt- Keeps your device virus free.

SNAPIt and SEEIt- Camera functions.

SYNCIt- App to backup your phone data as well as contacts.

However, the best among them is SHAREIt which allows the user a better Wi-Fi direct method of sharing files, folders and applications from one device to another. The application is really very simple to use and also the best one for high speed local file transfers.

All the user needs to do is to open the app, select the file or folder he or she wishes to send and click on send button. If you want to receive a file, you just need to tap the “receive” button on the application and your smartphone will turn visible on the radar of the person who wishes to share a file with you.

You can also create a group which can have two or more than two devices. The groups are more or less like a chat room as one can easily send texts to every member of the group. One could also share drawing in these groups.

Share It APK Download

The application can be downloaded from Google Play Store for free. However, you can also side load the Share It apk file by downloading it from the link that has been provided below.

Share It APK

How to Install Share It APK?

Firstly, download the apk file from the link that has been provided above. After that you need to transfer the downloaded file from your PC to your Smartphone. Alternatively, you can download the file directly on your Android Smartphone. After the transfer is complete, locate and tap on the Share It apk file to begin installation. After installing the app, you can start it from your app drawer.

So, that is all. You can get the app for your device from here and share files with your family and friends in a much fast as well as simple way when compare to traditional transfer methods. Please share your views about the Share It application in comments below.

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