How to Set Location Reminders on your iPhone

Time reminders often fail in everyday life as due to traffic or catching up with some friends your schedule may not stick to the time. But this problem can be solved by using location based reminders. Such reminders trigger as soon as you reach the desired location. For example as soon as you pass by the local grocery store you will get the reminder for picking up food for your dog. Also while leaving your home if you get the reminder of turning off the lights, you will somehow contribute in fighting with energy crisis (pun intended).

Follow the steps below to set location reminders on your iPhone

Step 1: Open the reminder app on your iPhone. The icon looks as shown in the pic below and reads “Reminders”.

Step 2: Tap on any blank line to add a new reminder there.

Step 3: Write the message you want to display as your reminder in that line.

Step 4: After writing your reminder message select the information button placed to the right of your written message. Tap on it to change the settings of your reminder.

Step 5: In the reminder editing window turn on the option “Remind me at location”.

Step 6: Now tap on the location option placed below it and select your desired location for triggering the reminder at. You can use any address or your current location as well.

Step 7: If the location services are not enabled on your iPhone then a pop-up will be displayed asking to enable these services. If pop-up does not appear it means location services are already enabled on your iPhone.

Step 8: Once you have selected your desired location you will be presented one more option. This option tells the reminder to appear on either arriving at the desired location or leaving it.

Select the “When I arrive…” option to get the reminder on arriving at your set location and select the “When I leave…” option to get the reminder when you are leaving the set location. You can also set the perimeter within which your reminder triggers. Pull out the circle boundary on the map to expand your location area perimeter and so.

Step 9: Once you have selected all the options in edit mode hit tap on the “Details” option to go back to the original reminder window.

Step 10: Now tap on “Done” to save your reminder and all the settings you made.

And so your location based reminder will be on and will pop-up on your screen as soon as you are within your desired location.

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