How to Play PC Games on Android Smartphones

Android Smartphones have become very common and could be seen in every other hands. No doubt, they play a very crucial role in our daily life in finding ways, surfing and entertaining us etc. Android Smartphones have taken gaming to the next level as they are able to run high graphic games that were only available on PC previously. But now you can even enjoy these games on your Android devices. Yes, it is true and you can do it by following the steps that are given below.

Pre-requisite to Play PC Games on Android Devices

Search the Google Play for app “dosbox turbo“. The app is a paid app but it is worth downloading if you really want to play PC games on android devices.

You can download the free app “aDosBox” as well but some of the advanced features is missed out with this app.

Now if you are not using any physical controller then you will need to download the Gamepad for the same. This is a free app and can be sued as your controller for playing games on your android devices.

Procedure to Play PC Games on Android Devices

Step 1–> Download the above mentioned app dosbox turbo or if you want aDosBox and also the Gamepad from the links given above. Now we need to set it up.

Step 2–> To set gamepad open Settings on your android device and find option “Language and Input” on list there. Check the “Gamepad” to enable it.

Step 3–> Now we are going to download a game to show how to play PC games on android devices. So go with the link here to download the shareware version of Doom game. You can later try with other good old games following this very tutorial.

Step 4–> Now we will use a file manager to navigate to the folder on your android device where you have the zipped file of Doom game downloaded from above step.

Step 5–> Tap on the zipped file to see menu and then choose the “extract” option from the menu list opened. Select option “extract to new directory” and call the new directory Doom or anything sensible like this.

Step 6–> Now load up the DosBox turbo. If you are using this app for the first time the app will say “Drive C is mounted as local director/storage/emulated/0/download” and don’t panic it is completely fine.

Step 7–> Now tap on the keyboard button to reveal keys. If you can’t see it then rotate your device or swipe from left side of your screen to show menu from where select “activate the keyboard” option.

Step 8–> Type cd doom to open folder created in step 5 and type “install.bat” to start installation.

Step 9–> Now you will be guided through the installation process.

Step 10–> Hit the save parameters option and launch Doom.

Step 11–> Press three squares option button in top right and choose “input method” and pick Gamepad from there.

Step 12–> Press settings button up top and choose “button/controller maps”. You need to set the buttons yourself and so tap on the “add button mapping” to set buttons accordingly.

And this is all. Now you have set up your gamepad and can play the Doom game and other old PC games on your android smartphones. Thank you for reading this post. You can subscribe to our blog and could also follow us on various social networking platform in order to receive regular tech updates similar to this..

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