Digimon Adventure’s most underrated characters will be back in the next movie.DigiDestined

Digimon isn’t as popular as it was when we were kids in the 90s and watched it before school. However, Toei has been slowly putting out more of it over the years. For fans of anime, the first season of Digimon Adventure got a new start last year, and the English dub is currently being made. In addition to that anime, Toei also made two movies that continued the original Adventure series. Now, a third movie is coming out to wrap up the second season.

At DigiFes 2022, the title Digimon Adventure 02: The Beginning was given to the next movie in the Adventure series. The Beginning is meant to be the last episode of the show’s second season, just like how the first two movies ended with the DigiDestined kids as adults. The movie is being made by Toei and Yumeta Company. Yumeta Company worked on the adventure movie Last Evolution—Kizuna, which will come out in 2020.

The movie takes place in February 2012, not long after the events of Kizuna. It brings back the DigiDestined from season two, the second generation.Even though this group of heroes was around for some of Kizuna, they have their own movie so that fans of that season can see how things turned out for this group of heroes. The DigiDestined from the second generation are all 20 years old in the picture above.

Check out Daisuke/Davis (Fukujuro Katayama), Ken (Arthur Lounsbery), Yolei (Ayaka Asai), Cody (Yoshitaka Yamaya), Kari (Mao Ichimichi), and TK (Junya Enoki), complete with their Digimon. At the event, a six-minute clip was shown in which the DigiDestined meet Rui wada (Megumi Ogata), the new character in the movie, and save her from falling off Tokyo Tower.

Other Stories

wada says he is “the first person in the world to become a DigiDestined.” He has a Digivice, but it’s broken, and he doesn’t have a partner with him. In the second season, DigiDestined brought in a lot of guest stars for the 02 cast to hang out with. One of them claims to have been around before Tai and the others, which is an interesting hook for this movie. A new Digimon named Okkomon (Rie Kugimiya) is also important to the plot. Okkomon looks kind of cute, but since it’s a Digimon, being cute is just a stepping stone to becoming something scarier after a couple of Digivolutions. You can see those two down below, and who knows, maybe by the end of the movie they’ll be friends.

As we’ve already said, Digimon isn’t as popular as it used to be, but it’s nice to see that there are still things coming out about it.
As someone who grew closer to this group of Adventure kids as they got older, it will be interesting to see how their stories end.
And I hope that Toei has plans to do the same thing with the Tamers and Frontier seasons when they have the time.


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