New Mavic Air Drones with 360-Degree Video Capture Using Insta360’s Sphere

Insta360, well known for its action and 360-degree cameras, just introduced a drone camera worth checking out. The Insta360 Sphere can be attached to the Mavic Air 2 and Air 2S drones to capture 5.7K 360-degree footage as well as conventional 2D films that can be reframed later. The drone is nearly undetectable because to Insta360’s groundbreaking technology.

Due to the fact that 360-degree cameras record in all directions, the drone may obscure half of the footage. Insta360 avoided this by mounting cameras on both sides of the drone. “Insta360’s exclusive dynamic stitching technology makes the whole drone disappear instantly,” the company says.

The Sphere’s attachment is “ultra-secure,” since it has no effect on the structural integrity, GPS signal, or control system of the drone. Insta360 says that their FlowState stabilising technology allows them to fly the Sphere at high speeds with ease. The drone’s camera can record simultaneously.

With barrel rolls and dolly-zooms, the company demonstrated its Insta360 app’s capabilities in a YouTube video. The Insta360 Sphere is now on sale in the United States and China for $430 each.


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