June 1, 2023
Midtown Madness

Midtown Madness is one of the most amazing free driving as well as racing game that we have seen till date. The game was developed by Angel Studios along with Microsoft and was released in the summer of 1999. However, the game is among the first of its kind, but offers great environment portray of downtown area along with Lakeshore Dr.  Offering a lot of racing as well as commercial cars, one could enjoy free driving on roads along with the traffic and could also take part in racing events to prove his or her skills at the same time.

Midtown Madness Features

Environment – The races as well as the driving madness takes place in Chicago. One could also find a lot of famous landmarks while driving through the city. For people who are familiar with the city will not face even the slightest problem in finding their way out to any location. Overall we can say that the city has been portrayed very accurately and also the designers have focused on street details as well as its components.

Gameplay – The game offers the player four modes to play the game. In the modes player can freely roam in the city, circuit or even blitz race around the city. However, circuit races confines you through the streets of the city. Also the game has a lot of shortcuts, so the game is not just about having the fastest car, you can even find out the shortcuts and beat even the fastest vehicles on the street.

The traffic in the city follows traffic rules. However, you are not bound to follow them. Also you will find that the streets are filled with pedestrians, but you are definitely going to fail if you try to kill them as they dive out of the way at the perfect time to save their lives. One could also enjoy different weather conditions while playing the game, i.e. you can drive in day, night, or even in the snow.

Cops – To make the game more interesting, you are chased by cop card who try their full to bust you down. However, this could annoy a lot of players, but sometimes it is thrilling to be chased by cops and get rid of them using your driving skills.

Download Midtown Madness Game

You can download this amazing racing plus driving game from the link given below.

Midtown Madness Game – Download

Overall we could say that Midtown Madness is a very entertaining racing game that will keep you stuck to your PC for hours in a jest to complete the races. One of the best things about the game is that you are driving in a city full of traffic and civilians in spite of empty road with boundaries.

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