December 9, 2022

Users will be able to preserve vanishing messages in their chats beyond their expiry period if WhatsApp implements a “kept messages” feature. A new “kept messages” area will be added to chat information so that all discussion participants may see the messages that have been “kept.”

While the functionality is still being worked on, WABetaInfo reports that a future update to WhatsApp Desktop beta would include information regarding an improvement to “disappearing messages.” Changes to vanishing messages are explained in the new notice; users will be able to retain texts they don’t want deleted in order to avoid them from being automatically deleted.

Messages may be “kept” or “un-kept” by any participant in the discussion. In addition, WhatsApp adds that group administrators will be able to restrict this capability. Admins may be able to turn off the option to retain a vanishing message in the future by changing a new privacy setting.

This week, there was news that WhatsApp is testing a tool called “past participants feature” that allows group chat members to view all of the people who have left the group in the preceding 60 days. Instant messaging provider recently begun testing a feature that would enable users to abandon group chats without telling anybody other than the administrator.

Messages may be deleted for up to 2 days and 12 hours after sending them on WhatsApp, which is currently testing the functionality. Messages sent to “everyone” may only be deleted roughly an hour after they are sent.With the new “Voice Status,” users will be able to record a short audio message and post it to their Status page, just as they do with voice notes in WhatsApp conversations. WhatsApp’s “stories” function is similar to Instagram’s and Snapchat’s “stories” features.


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