How To Install Android M on Nexus Devices

All the android users are already waiting for the new Android M to be out officially and while there is still some time left on the clock, Nexus device owners can try the Developer Preview of Android M that is already out. This developer preview, needless to say, can be quite buggy and so if you want to try and install it on your Android devices you must do so at your own risk. At present this preview is available only for Nexus 5, 6, 9 and Nexus Player.

So if you are ready to give this version try on your device, simply follow the super-easy guide below to install Android M on your nexus device:

Note: Since this is the developer preview of Android M and contains bugs in it, so it is highly recommended to take backup of all your data in case something goes downhill for you before you begin to install Android M on Nexus devices.

Procedure to Install Android M on Nexus Devices

  • Download the latest version of Android Studio Preview on your PC and install it to get the ADB and Fastboot programs on your Windows computer.
  • Right click on the My Computer icon and then select “Properties” and then “Advanced System Settings”.
  • Now click on the “System Properties”, then “Advanced” and then “Environment Variables”.
  • Now here select “Path” and click on “Edit” and enter the path of the directory where you installed the SDK. Each entry is to be separated by using a semi-colon.
  • Now enable USB Debugging in your device by going to the Developer Options.

  • Now download the factory image for your Nexus Device. The links are given below.
  • Nexus 5 Android M
  • Nexus 6 Android M
  • Nexus 9 Android M
  • Nexus Player Android M
  • Extract the downloaded image on your PC and then connect your device to your PC using USB.

  • Start the device now in the fastboot mode using the correct key combination for your particular Nexus device. You can use the ADB tool to boot into fastboot mode. To use ADB tool, power on your device, open the command prompt and execute the command “adb reboot bootloader”

  • If the bootloader is locked on your device, you must unlock it first using command “fastboot oem unlock”
  • Open command prompt and navigate to the directory of unzipped system image file
  • Now execute “flash-all.bat. This will install operating system, baseband firmware and necessary bootloader.

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