February 1, 2023
How to Create a Label in Gmail for Unread Emails. To make it easier to find groups of emails, Gmail lets you label emails with a variety of terms. You might have labels for completed sales, accounting, business advertisements, and product inquiries, for instance. The relevant label is clicked, and all messages are displayed.

You can give email messages more than one label in Gmail so that you can quickly find groups of messages. For example, you might have labels for questions about products, ads for your business, accounting, and sales that are done. When you click on the right label, all the messages that have that label will show up. Even though this kind of separation is useful, it’s often easier to have all of your unread email in one place. You can look for the “Unread” label, which is created automatically, but you can’t add a “Unread” entry to the Labels group. But Gmail has a Quick Links feature that, once turned on, lets you create a link to the search results for the Unread label, making it easy to get to this label.

1. Click the gear icon next to “Settings” and choose “Settings.”

2. Click the tab called “Labs.”

3. In the Quick Links section, click “Enabled,” and then click “Save Changes.”

4. Click the “Gadgets” toggle switch at the bottom of the left pane that says “…”. This makes the Quick Links pane show up if it wasn’t already.

5. In the Gmail search bar, type “label:unread” without the quotes and press “Enter.” This brings up a list of all the emails you haven’t read yet.

6. In the Quick Links area, click “Add Quick Link.”

7. In the pop-up window, type “Unread” and click “OK.” When you do this, a “Unread” link is added to the Quick Links section. When you click this link, the internal Unread label is turned on.

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