February 1, 2023
dell Advanced

Dell is a well-known company that sells computers, computer parts, and devices that connect to computers. Dell Advanced Exchange is a paid service that gives many of the things Dell sells extra warranty coverage. Your Dell product will be replaced if it breaks, and it will also be fixed if it breaks. Depending on the model bought, Dell computers come with a standard one-year or three-year limited warranty. This included warranty coverage can be extended by Dell Advanced Exchange for up to five years after the date of purchase.


Most of the things that Dell sells come with the option to join the Dell Advanced Exchange programme. With this extended warranty, you can buy coverage for Dell products that lasts between one and five years. The length of the service agreement depends on the item that was bought. Under the Dell Advanced Exchange Program, if a covered item stops working properly during the warranty period, Dell will replace it for free and ship the new one to you using a shipping service that delivers the next business day.

Change of Product

With the Advanced Exchange programme, Dell can send you refurbished items to replace the ones you sent back. A refurbished item is not brand new, and it may have both new and used parts. Under this warranty programme, Dell can also replace your product with a similar model if the company stops making the product you bought. After you get the replacement, you have 30 days to send the broken one back to Dell using the shipping label that came with the replacement. If you don’t send Dell the broken product back in time, Dell will charge you for the replacement item it sends.


Call Dell customer service to ask for a replacement if you have a broken Dell product that is covered by the Advanced Exchange programme. Before sending a replacement, Dell wants you to explain the problem in detail and try to fix the product by following the customer service representative’s instructions. Once the representative figures out that you can’t fix the broken product by following these instructions, the representative will set up delivery of the new product.

Program Notes

How much the Dell Advanced Exchange programme costs depends on how much the first item cost. The price of the extended warranty service goes up based on how much the item it covers costs. To take part in this programme, Dell charges a set, one-time fee. If you decide to stop using the service before the end of the coverage period, you may have to pay a fee.

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