Text Message (SMS) Bombing: What Is It and How Can I Avoid It?

As the name implies, an SMS bombing assault involves rapidly sending a huge number of text messages to a specific phone number in order to annoy or interrupt the regular operation of the device.In the course of a few hours, a coworker of ours received hundreds of OTP messages from food delivery sites like Zomato and Zepto. “SMS Bombing” is the practise of bombarding the user’s phone with a huge volume of messages or even OTP calls in a short amount of time with the purpose to annoy and interrupt the regular operation of an electronic device. He had just been the victim of this practise.

An Indian software engineer, Mehul Bhandari, 32, claims indianexpress.com that Flipkart, Apollo, Snapdeal, and ok credit assaulted him with hundreds of OTP texts. “I was annoyed by the hundreds of OTP SMSes I received over the course of many days.” A report to the internet police didn’t help, though; he’d tried it too. In the end, I did some research and downloaded the app, which is how I had my phone number removed off it.

Freeware is used to perform these pranks, and their apk files may be downloaded from the internet. SMSBomber, BombItUp, and TXTBlast are among the most popular SMS bombing programmes.An independent cyber expert says that in most instances, these websites send OTPs and messages to genuine users for logins, password resets, etc. by exploiting insecure API points of other companies. The problem is that hackers exploit these APIs by performing GET/POST requests with their scripts, which in turn allows them to automate the sending of messages and enable SMS bombing assaults.

SMS bomber tools are really simple to use. You merely have to input the phone number and message value (the total number of messages you wish to send), then press the submit button.According to legal authorities, utilising SMS bombers is harassment. Such apps/websites lack suitable privacy policies or terms of service. Even though this is marketed as a weapon for entertainment, it has the ability to inflict serious damage. Persistent notifications might be a pain for the individual receiving them. This is a great tool for harassing people. Prasanth Sugathan, Legal Director of SFLC.in, said the terms of service specify that it may only be used on friends and family with permission, but there is no mechanism to check this.

There are a variety of websites that allow you to secure your phone number when using SMS bombing services, according to Majumder. Protected numbers may no longer be used for SMS bombs on the site”protection .’s list”Users may also use anti-SMS Bombers, which automatically block receiving messages from a certain sender if an OTP or the same SMS happens more than three times from the same sender. In addition to contacting the companies’ IT departments, users may also attempt contacting the security departments of such companies. This might assist the company in patching the weak API, hence preventing SMS bombing attacks,” he noted.


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