Away they go. They can, in fact: Athletes’ performance is monitored by a playermaker

For any soccer coach who’s ever wished there was a shoe-mounted performance tracker for their team, I’ve got some great news for you today. As of 2016, Playermaker has more than 250 teams using it, and the company announced a $40 million fundraise today that will help it expand into additional sports (basketball is up first) and make it more accessible to athletes of all skill levels.

“Professional grade technical, tactical, biomechanical, and physical data from the source of motion” is the company’s description of the data it claims to be able to provide insights into athletes’ ability to maximise their skills, monitor risk of injury and expedite injury recovery.

In a press release, Playermaker CEO and co-founder Guy Aharon stated, “Our mission is to challenge the disparities in sport, striving to achieve fair play and equal opportunity for all by ensuring that everyone can access the knowledge they need to improve their game.” “We are empowering and inspiring boys and girls across the world of sports to stay active, pursue their dreams, and be the best they can be, regardless of their discipline, location, or resources. Ultimately, we want to be in a place where there is both passion and shoes.”

Playermaker points out that performance trackers have been around for a long time, but they claim that most other solutions were only available to professional athletes, with data sets trained on male professional athletes at that. The company is quick to point out that it wants to remove distinctions based on gender and level of expertise and make performance tracking available to anyone who wants it.

As Aharon put it, “We’ve been blown away by the support Playermaker has received internationally and the great faith our investors have shown in our team and the potential of our technology. ” In the beginning, our journey began with soccer, but we now have a solid foundation on which we can build to help all athletes, regardless of sport. As we have seen in soccer, we are confident that our success will be replicated in other sports, because nothing feels better than having all the tools you need to improve when playing a sport you love at any level,”


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