Galaxy Note 21 Ultra Concept Boasts Two Displays, Razor-Thin Bezels

We all know that a Galaxy Note-branded smartphone won’t be launching this year. Samsung opted not to release it for whatever reason. Well, we may not be receiving a real Galaxy Note phone this year, but a concept designer decided to develop a fictional one, the Galaxy Note 21 Ultra.

The Galaxy Note 21 Ultra idea includes an under-display camera, two screens

This smartphone is a little different from what you’d expect out of Samsung. It truly appears like an unusual combination between the Galaxy S21 Ultra and the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra. This contraption has two monitors, razor-thin bezels, and lots of cameras.

You will note that the phone has no bezels practically. Its display looks to be bent towards the sides, but all of its physical buttons reside on the right. A display camera hole is also not shown here, this phone is envisioned to have an under-display camera.

There are five cameras on its back

There are five cameras placed on the rear, and beside to them you’ll find a secondary display. That display is not enormous, of course, but it’s there. What looks unusual when it comes to its design is the reverse side.

Based on the given photograph, it truly appears like the bottom half of the phone’s back is projecting more than the top. That’s sort of weird, given the phone’s back cameras are generally protruding.

This is a concept design after all, so anything like this is feasible, since it’s all up to the imagination. Bringing something to reality is another thing completely. Perhaps the designer envisioned a huge battery here or anything of the type.

Samsung is anticipated to unveil numerous high-end gadgets shortly

Samsung may bring back the Galaxy Note series next year, we’ll have to wait and see. One thing is for sure, this year we’re not receiving a ‘Note’ phone. Samsung will offer many phones in its stead, however, the Galaxy Z Fold 3, Z Flip 3, and S21 FE. None of them are a straight substitute, however.


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