Download Google Chrome 35 Offline / Standalone Installer (Full Setup)

Google Chrome is an internet browser which has been launched by Google few years back. In a very less time the browser has become very popular and one of the most used browser by the internet users all over the world. The reason behind the popularity of the browser is its speed and the weight of the program. Google chrome is really very light weight program and occupies very little space, also it is faster than any other internet browser available. The browser is an open source program and thus supports a lot of add-ons. Also it is very useful for those people who are interested in the technical works.

If you try to install Google Chrome from its official site, an installer will be downloaded which on running download the whole setup files from the servers. Many times it takes a lot of time because of the internet speed or some other factors, so we have brought to you an alternate offline method using which you can download and install Google Chrome on your PC.

Google Chrome 35 Offline / Standalone Installer

Downloading Google Chrome 35 Offline / Standalone Installer file from Google

You cannot deny the fact that Google is the best source available from where you can find and download any file. So in case you have been looking for standalone installer just for a single account you just need to click on this link- Else if you are looking for a setup that is capable of working on multiple accounts, click on this link- After that you just have to select the Agree and Install button and the download of the offline installer will start.

Downloading Google Chrome 35 Offline / Standalone Installer from Softpedia

You can also download the offline installer from another site known as Softpedia. The site is hosting all the setups of Google Chrome on its servers. So if there is a problem with Google, which is very rare, and it does not work, you can obtain the offline installer from Softpedia. The site has all the versions of Google Chrome starting from the oldest to the latest. It also has the setup files in a lot of different languages. So it is one of the best sites that you must check in case you are looking for the offline installer of Google Chrome. All you have to do is to click on the download button present on the right side of the file name and the downloading of the installer will begin automatically in few seconds.

Downloading from FileHippo

FileHippo is another website from where you can download the Google Chrome offline installer. The site may not work in few parts of the world but it has many files and is worth recommending. You just have to click on download option, enter a captcha and the file will be downloaded automatically on your computer.

With the help of the following sited you can easily download the offline installer of Google Chrome and save it on your PC. After that you just need to run the downloaded file by double clicking on it and follow the installer instructions and it is done. For installing the Google Chrome browser from the offline installer you will not require any internet connection.

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