Despite the BGMI prohibition, the game is still playable, but only on devices that have already been loaded.

Battlegrounds Mobile India, or BGMI, disappeared from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store on January 28 for no clear reason. Even though the game’s publisher, Krafton, hasn’t made an official statement, Google has said that the game was taken down because of an official order.

But the game itself can still be played, and as of the time this article was written, there was no server-side ban in place. This means that BGMI will keep working fine for now if you already have it installed on a phone or tablet.

But if you uninstall it, there is no official way to put it back on your computer. The same is true for other phones, as the link to the game’s APK file has been removed from the official BGMI website. Even though you might be able to find an APK file on a third-party website, this is not a good workaround because third-party websites can change APK files and could contain malware.

You can still use apps like APK Extractor to get the BGMI APK file from a device where the game is already installed. Then, this file can be sent to other devices.

Has BGMI been ‘banned’?

It is still hard to say if BGMI has been completely banned in India, like PUBG Mobile. Abhijeet Andhare, also known as Ghatak Gaming, is a gamer and creator who has tweeted about the game going away and hinted that this isn’t a permanent ban. Talk Esport says that representatives from Krafton and MeitY will meet later today to talk more about the problem. Soon, we should get an official update on how the game is going in India.


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