December 9, 2022
Dead Among Us APK
Dead Among Us is a free Android game that puts you in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. You must use your wits and weapons to survive against the hordes of undead that are after you. The game features beautiful graphics and intense gameplay that will keep you hooked for hours. You can download free Dead Among Us APK here

Zombie Apocalypse always generates interest among everyone and the android platform has always made full use of this interest. A lot of game based on zombie killing keep on coming in the Play Store but Dead Among Us is one of the best zombie shooter game at present. The first thing that takes the game into an entirely new level is that there are no guns and bombs and other such stuff. Rather, the Dead Among Us tests your archery skills as you have to shoot down the zombies with your bow and arrow from different vantage points to protect your people from the attack of zombie horde.


The game begins when a hazardous virus, Ceres, is accidentally released in the city, and this contagious virus is now turning hosts into flesh-eating zombies. The only humans that are spared from this haphazard are bunch of scientists, survivors and you, the gold-medalist archer. The team of survivors is now in a mission to revert the affect by creating anti-virus of this deadly virus. And while your team collects zombie samples and supplies, your job is to protect them from zombies, and thus protect the entire mankind.

Dead Among US APK Features

  • More than 95 quests to enjoy the intense gameplay.
  • The single handed gameplay lets you play in position of your choice.
  • 10 different challenging locations with stunning 3D graphics.


  • Lot of power ups including Slow Time, Kill Shot, Radar to keep you all suited up for killing the walking dead.
  • Customize your own arsenal of bows and use it to save the planet from zombie attacks.
  • The power-ups can boost both the game performance and keep you engaged in the game for hours straight. Use the Slow Time power-up to go slow motion and then aim for the perfect headshot or the Radar power-up to keep a close watch on all the zombies and their movements and the Kill Shot power-up to kill the strongest and most powerful zombie in one shot.


Dead Among Us APK Download

Dead Among Us APK could be downloaded from Google Play Store totally free of cost. However, in case you wish to download the APK file of the game to your PC or Android device, you can get it from the link that has been provided below.


Dead Among Us APK

So grab your crossbow and face the strong and vicious zombies onslaught to protect the survivors as they go on for supply runs and to guard the scientists when they collect zombies sample for creating an anti-virus for Ceres. In this world where humans are being outnumbered by zombies, you are the only hope for saving this planet!

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