Dan Trachtenberg, who worked on the movie “Prey,” talks about how it was made.

In the different Predator movies, comics, and games, fans have met many different versions of the alien hunter who wears camouflage. Each of them has been a dangerous, bloody threat in their own way. The new Prey game comes out next week. It takes place in the Comanche Nation in 1719, and its Predator is the oldest of the bunch. Dan Trachtenberg chose the time period so that the tried-and-true hunter species would feel fresh again.

Trachtenberg told Polygon that the goal with Prey’s Predator was to make it as scary as the first one was in 1987. That’s why the skull mask is meant to look like the alien’s now-iconic faceplate. Predators are always shown to have better technology than humans, and the same is true here.

Visual effects company StudioADI made weapons for this Predator that are both new and similar enough to the ones that will be used by the ones that come after it. “At important times, it could always feel like a living thing,” Trachtenberg said. He also said that the visual team added to the Predator suit so that Amber Midthunder’s Naru and the rest of her people would see the hunter as superhuman and pretty damn scary. “You know that it can always feel like an alien creature should feel.”

There have been good Predators and bad ones, and it was important that this one keep the sense of dread and discovery that the character is all about. This Yautja, played by actor Dane DiLiegro, might be the first of its kind to land on Earth.

The time period presented a clear challenge that all prequels have to deal with: making a different version of a character who has already been seen in other movies that fits in with the other versions.

“I wanted it to feel more like an alien creature than ever before. I wanted it to be both older and more advanced than anything else I had made.” Even though he has the upper hand in technology, this Predator is more than happy to just kill with his bare hands.”It’s much more wild, savage, and primitive, and has less armour,” he said. “We wanted to change it more than it had ever been changed before so that even diehard fans of the franchise could see and feel something new.”

On August 5, Prey will be on Hulu. In the next few days, we’ll share our thoughts on the movie.


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