A touchless pedestrian crossing control system called “Button by Neatebox” is now being tested in Clondalkin and Tallaght.

With Button, you can “press” the pedestrian crossing button with your cell phone. It can be used to cross the street safely and with confidence.

You can get this free app for iOS or Android, and it lets you pay attention to your surroundings without having to stretch or look for a button.

This seems like a good idea for people with disabilities, but the public doesn’t agree. They say it’s a waste of money, it’s silly to see something like this on your phone at a pedestrian crossing, and it doesn’t help people who can’t see. We already have smarter options in the city, and if the button is too high for disabled people, why not lower it or use the other technology we already have, which has motion sensors, etc., instead? Then there’s the argument about collecting data. What do you think about this idea?

Some of the benefits of Button are:

Reduce stress: If you push the automatic button, you don’t have to worry about finding or getting close to the manual button. It doesn’t need to be touched, which is a plus for public health and safety.

Automatic push enabled: You can use the auto push feature to trigger a button press even when your device is in your pocket.

More time to cross: You can start to cross when the edge of the sidewalk is perfectly lined up so you can do so safely. This will give you more time to cross the street.

Decisions based on data: Every time you use the system, it collects usage data that can be used to manage traffic and plan infrastructure more efficiently.

You can find the Button system at:

The entrance to Tallaght hospital is close to Belgard Square North in Tallaght.

GPS 53.289225 -6.374975

At the post office on Ninth Lock Road, Clondalkin.

GPS 53.324402 -6.395448


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