Best Phone Number Locator Apps for Android

There may be a lot of reasons why you might want to locate or trace the location of a phone number. One of the main reasons could be messages or calls from any unknown number. With the advancement of technology, cyber staking has increased at a considerable rate. One cannot change his or her mobile number to get rid of such stalking but you can at least avoid them by identifying the places from where the call is being made. So in order to save you from such prank calls we have brought to you few best phone number locator apps for Android.

Best Phone Number Locator Apps

1. Truecaller- Caller ID & Block

Truecaller is the best application that you can install on your Android device to know the to whom the unknown number belongs. In addition to the name of the person who is calling or messaging you, Truecaller also tells you the location from where the call is being made. Is has over 40 million users all around the world and hundreds of millions of contacts in its database.

2. Mobile Phone Number Locator

Mobile Phone number locator is a free as well as very useful app for those who have been getting calls from unknown numbers. Using this application on your Android Device you can easily find out from which state as well as telecom operator is the call being made. This application works even if you do not have a working Internet connection and is capable of tracking numbers from all over India, Canada and USA.

3. Mobile number and Phone Location

This application enables the user to know the location of the unknown incoming calls. Also it tells you the telephone operator of the number. The user gets an addition feature of blocking the unwanted calls on their Android phones easily.

4. Mobile Number Call Tracker

Mobile Number Call Tracker is an exclusive application for Indian users that detects the location of the number by analyzing their codes. The application is capable of telling you the state city as well as the network provider of the unknown number so that you can decide whether to receive or reject the call. Mobile Number Call Tracker is also able to work offline without using any internet connection.

5. Mobile Number Tracker

In addition to providing the state, city and area of the calling number, this application is also capable of finding the address of the caller. The application works without the internet connection as well as shows the details of the caller during the calls.

So these were some of the best phone number locator apps for Android that you can use to avoid unwanted and calls from stalkers that you receive on your Smartphone. Some of the application provide you the option to block those calls and messages while some do not, but that you can choose depending upon your preference.

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