December 9, 2022
Best App Market for Android

Although Google Play Store consists of more than a million apps to be installed on a device running on the Android platform, there are many other app stores out there which are an alternative to one by Google. There are many reasons too as to why many people go for these stores. The most important reason is that such app stores offer a lot of free apps more than what Google offers. These app stores also offer discounts on the premium apps, money-saving schemes, really useful app recommendations and controlled lists that shorten down the app choices after filtering them for specific search options. These stores can prove to be important to app developers too for they can maximise their app features and even income. Another important factor is that some of these app stores are  localized so that they come up with apps that cater to the needs of the users of a specific country.  Here are some of the best app market for Android and alternatives to Google Play Store.

Best App Market for Android

  • Amazon AppStore

Amazon App Store is the perhaps the best alternative to Play Store. Although it has a limited number of apps, each and every one it has passed Amazon’s quality check and consists of really fine apps. Apart from being a store for apps, it is also the location from where the Kindle books can be accessed from. The best thing about this is that it features Test Drive which lets the user try an app out in the browser prior to installation to see if they like it. It is one of the best App market for Android that one can find on the internet.

  • GetJar

This app store is fairly basic with a simple interface with a massive repository of free apps. It also features apps for other platforms too. The apps are categorised in groups and sub groups to help with the searching of a particular app. One important note is that it features likes, dislikes and comments on every app from different users.

  • F-Droid

this app store focuses on providing users with free and open-source software Android apps with good categorization and user-friendly interface and search options. It consists of a huge selection of apps which offer no ads, no tracking and no strings attached.

  • Slide ME

This alternative is one of the most popular stores which offers the users many options of apps, both free and premium ones in various categories after having passed quality control checks. It has good search filters and useful app descriptions along with many payment options including payment through PayPal. It offers developers a chance to present their apps to a greater audience and earn greater profits.

This app store is a sort of an accommodation for those apps which were not able to get Google’s certification. It offers more than 40,000 apps with each carrying the certification regarding the compatibility with various devices.

All these app stores are some of the best App market for Android out there and you can use them to get your desired apps at no or discounted rates and continue enjoying them. We hope that you find this post helpful. Thank you for reading this post. Please share any other market that you know in comments below.

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