Best Android and iOS movie streaming apps and their benefits

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We chose the best free streaming apps for iOS and Android that let you stream and download free movies. You also know what these apps can do for you and how they work.

Digimon Adventure’s most underrated characters will be back in the next movie.DigiDestined


Digimon isn’t as popular as it was when we were kids in the 90s and watched it before school. However, Toei has been slowly putting out more of it over the years. For fans of anime, the first season of Digimon Adventure got a new start last year, and the English dub is currently being … Read more

Please get rid of celebrity voices and bring back voice actors


The big movie of the weekend is the CG animated movie DC’s League of Super Pets, which has a lot of well-known actors in it, including Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson, who will be the next Black Adam. Super Pets joins Disney’s Lightyear, which came out earlier this month, and Paws of Fury, which is … Read more

On an especially grim episode of Westworld, Caleb has the worst identity crisis ever.


In “Fidelity,” Caleb (Aaron Paul) says this short, powerful line to another Caleb (also Aaron Paul). Both Calebs, along with many other Calebs, are in a unique hell. Already devastated by the news that he didn’t stop Hale (Tessa Thompson) from taking over the world 23 years ago, he finds out that, as a Host … Read more