February 1, 2023

MyLiveCricket is mostly a website for live streaming cricket games that gives its subscribers a lot to do. Over 2.4 million people have been there. It also lets you watch live Football games for free. Live streaming is possible because links and embeds of channels are available from free third-party platforms like Facebook, streamcdn, whostreams, p3g, telerium, YouTube, etc. These links give you access to live video content, which makes live streaming possible, but the original owner still owns the copyrights.

There are a lot of websites that offer live streaming that are strong rivals to MyLiveCricket, but overall, MyLiveCricket is the best. But there may be times when you can’t get to its content because the server isn’t responding quickly enough, especially during big games. So, it’s always a good idea to know about similar platforms so you can switch to them and keep having fun.

Other options besides MyLiveCricket

Here are some of the best options besides MyLiveCricket:

1) The website Touchcric.com




Touchcric is a similar cricket live streaming platform that ranks around 3322 in the UK and around 60,551 globally among all live streaming platforms. It is safe to use and gives users a great experience.
It has about 736.9K visitors in total, which is a huge number that shows how popular it is.

2) The website Livecricket.is


Livecricket.com is a legal and safe website where you can watch cricket matches live. It’s about 82,648th in the world.
It lets you watch live cricket games in different ways. There were a total of 557.1k people who went to the site.

3) The website Watchlivecric.com


The website Watchlivecric.com is based in Bangladesh and is ranked around 378,961 in the world. It is best known for letting people watch Bangladesh Premiere League games.
It is safe, legal, and does not contain any malware. It was visited by a total of 141.7k people. But there are a lot of ads on the platform, which can be annoying for users.

4) Crichd.com


Crichd.com is another site where you can watch live cricket games. Most of its users are in places like Pakistan, Germany, and the United States. It is signed up in the United States. It is somewhere around 20,483rd in the world.
It has live streams of cricket games and other sports like rugby, tennis, and football.
It gets about 58,360 visitors a day, for a total of 2 million visitors a year. It also has a feature for sharing files.

5) Pakcric.net


Pakcric.net is a live cricket streaming site that focuses on Pakistan. It mostly shows matches between Pakistan cricket teams.
It’s number 87,543 in the world, and 529k people visit it every month. It is ranked 6071st in Pakistan. It’s free, safe, and the real deal.

6) Crictime.com



Crictime.com is the number 53,865 live cricket streaming site in the world. It lets you watch sports and other entertaining media live and for free. So far, it has had 818.7k visitors.
The US, Australia, and Pakistan are where most of its users come from.

About 11,708 people visit it every day.

7) The website Cricstream.me


Cricstream.me is another well-known site where people can share files and watch live cricket for free. It has a global rank of 37,874 and a sports streaming rank of 640. Overall, 1.1 million people have been there. It has 9502 people visit it every day.
The US, UAE, and Pakistan are where most of its users are.

8) Mobilecric.info


Mobilecric.info is a safe and legal place to watch live cricket games. It is well-known in Pakistan and India, which are both in Asia. It has a ranking of 376,798 in the world and 81,531 in India. In total, 142,4k people go there.
It gets 1905 visitors every day. It is most popular among the best cricketing nations in the world because it is a great place to watch a live match. The main way the site makes money is through the ads that are shown on it. But these ads get in the way of the user’s experience.

9) Webcritic.com



Webcric.com is one of the best websites for streaming live media and cricket games. Most of its users come from India, Pakistan, and Qatar. It has a rank of about 11,666 worldwide and 99 in the category of streaming media and sports.

It has 3.2 million people visit it every year. The fact that 22755 people visit the website every day is proof of how popular it is.

It lets users watch live international and IPL games, which makes it more popular.

10) Smartcric.com


Smartcric.com is a live streaming platform for sports that is ranked 50,748 in the world and has 863.7k visitors in total. Most people have it in places like the United Arab Emirates, Canada, Pakistan, and North America.
There are 16,836 people who visit the site every day. It lets you watch live streams on any device, is safe, doesn’t have malware, is legal, and doesn’t cost anything.


Users who don’t have access to the original content provider can watch the game live on these third-party sites. In addition to live cricket, these sites let you watch live streams of other popular games and have other features like file sharing, entertainment media, etc. Instead of MyLiveCricket, the user has many other ways to stream live cricket and other sports.

But some of the above sites or platforms might not be available in all countries. So, users have to look at all the platforms and bookmark the ones that work so they can keep streaming.





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