It is predicted by Adam Mosseri that Instagram will become more video-focused over time

Instagram’s CEO, Adam Mosseri, stated today that the network is shifting its focus to video. An Instagram screenshot of another user’s post appeared the day after Kylie Jenner said she missed the old days of Instagram when it was renowned mostly for picture sharing. “Make Instagram Instagram again,” Jenner said on her Instagram page. The TikTok effect is overrated.” I simply want to look at pictures of my buddies that are adorable. Everyone’s sincere thanks.”

According to Mosseri, who produced a video addressing concerns about the platform’s move to video, the site is likely to become more video-centric. He points out that this transformation is inevitable. If you look at the chronological feed, you’ll see that Instagram users are increasingly posting videos. “We see this regardless of what we do, even if we do nothing, we see this even if you just look at what people share on Instagram, it’s changing more and more to videos over time.”

According to Mosseri, the addition of video on Instagram is bringing about a slew of changes. If you’re seeing a new full-screen version of the feed or you’re hearing about it, know that it’s a test, stated the author. For films and photographs, the notion is that a full-screen experience could be more entertaining and engaging. The feature “is not yet excellent,” he admits. In the last few months, Instagram has undergone a major change with the introduction of Reels. As a result of the automated suggestions that have been included into your friends’ postings, practically all videos now connect you to Reels.

Recommendations are postings from accounts you don’t follow that appear in your feed. According to Mosseri, word-of-mouth recommendations are one of the best and most significant methods for artists, especially smaller ones, to reach a wider audience. Basically, the goal is to help you find new and intriguing stuff on Instagram that you may not have known about before. ” It’s possible that you’re seeing stuff on your feed that you don’t want. That suggests we’re not doing a good enough job of putting ourselves out there. It’s also possible to X out suggestions, snooze them for up to a month, or move directly into your following feed,” he said.


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